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First post of the new blog!

I decided to host a blog on github. We’ll see how this goes.

Today, I moved two projects from Google Code hosting to github: NewTab Redirect! and Select Actions. I decided to move these to github because I don’t like Google Code’s interface as much, and I really dislike how non-social Google Code is.

Also, today I saw a post on twitter by TJ Holowaychuk about a project he’s started called move.js. It looks to me like something I’ll find useful very soon. Here is a snippet from TJ’s blog:

move('#example-13 .box2')
  .set('background-color', 'red')
      .set('border-radius', 5)
      .set('background-color', 'white')
        .set('opacity', 0)
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May 26,
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